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Artificial enhancements:

Fullset- the performance of creating a nail on all 10 fingers.$30 and up
Fill in - filling in the growth at the base of the nail after 2 weeks of getting a Fullset.$20 and up
ReVamp fill in - a fill in done on a set that was not done by me.. This takes more time and majority of the time, corrective services.$30 and up
Manicure/polish change - polishing the natural nails after shaping and cuticle treatment.$15 and up
Bling & Other Creativity - freestyle art or art of your choice $15
With bling..$25
or bling nail alone$5 per nail

Foot Care:

Basic Pedicure - the softening of the feet by removing dead skin, shaping toe nails, cuticle treatment, followed with polish.$35 and up
***you may add on acrylic toes to your service, this will guarantee a longer lasting polish on your toes, and chipping done to the corners of the toenail.
** a pedicure with acrylic toes, with only two nails included. Art and bling can also be added to these two services.
Luxurious Lashes - to enhance the eyes by creating a longer set of eyelashes or a fuller set of eyelashes.. and I supply the lashes.$20 and up
If you are getting a service, and are adding on lashes, it will be $15
Two packs of lashes $25
& with a service, $20
Event parties - you may book me to reserve a party for you and guests of your choice. (Birthday, wedding, spa party, etc..) You will rent out the salon and my schedule for 3 hours minimum, depending on the amount of ppl & pamper yourselves! This is a price that needs to be negotiated between me and the person hosting this event party. The services have to be discussed as well.. Deposit is needed for this service.... $100
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