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Welcome to JarriTaughtMe.

JarriTaughtMe started from the passion that was conceived while I was 11- the desire to do something creative and that would change lives on a daily basis. The passion pushed me to study cosmetology which gave birth to a business that grew from me being a nail tech to my friends and loved ones. It was founded to create a community that will allow beauty lovers to represent their personality.

JarriTaughtMe has introduced the beauty of nail fashion into the global nail care industry. We have added a new personal fashion statement throughout the beauty market. We have the expertise needed to apply high-quality nail fashion images onto nails within seconds. Our nail fashion images are vibrant in color with photographic clarity.

At JarriTaughtMe, we strive to deliver the best nail fashion signature experience for our customers. We are focused on building a strong and lasting relationship with each client. As a result, we combine artistry, technology as well as an understanding of the need of each individual to create an unforgettable experience for our customers. JarriTaughtMe is a movement that is meant to transform each client thereby making them feel better about themselves.


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Owner Jarri Emerson

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